Sunday, July 12, 2015


Well, just when I thought that Gary was not going to buy any more trailers, he brought home a rare Serro Scotty that we have lovingly named Bernadette. One of our favorite TV shows is "The Big Bang Theory", and Bernadette is one of our favorite characters on that show. Unfortunately, our Bernadette is not nearly as cute as the one on the TV show. She's rough to say the least, but she's got potential. After some research, it appears that "Bernie" was built in 1961. She's a rare front kitchen/side dinette model. Her skin, underneath all that mildew and mold, is surprisingly nice. Her original Irwin Pennsylvania Serro Scotty emblems are still intact, as is her complete and unbroken Bargman L-66 door lock. Her wheel wells have been modified from the original "swoosh" that Scottys are known for, to a nicely rounded radius. This modification actually looks pretty good, and Gary tells me that changing tires on her was SO much easier because of it. Speaking of tires and wheels, do you recognize those beautiful red wheels that Bernadette is sporting? You should. They belong to ME!!! One is my spare, and the other is my left side tire. I was wondering why my tire was being removed, but I was thinking I was going to get my brakes adjusted. That's what I get for thinking! I should have known that Gary was up to something. Poor old Bernadette has a really shabby interior, what is left of it that is. The kitchen area is mostly there, but everything else has been removed. A few pieces are laying on the floor, but there's not enough left to use as patterns. Gary will have to "wing it" whenever he gets around to rebuilding her, but he shouldn't have any trouble with that. After all, he "winged it" with me, and look how I turned out. Bernadette will probably get a bath so she will look better. I need to get my wheels and tires back too, so Gary will have to come up with some replacements for her. Other than that, I don't think anything else will get done to her for a long time, but at least she's here with her Scotty relatives instead of being all alone. She's adapting to her new surroundings very well. Our garage was once an all-boys residence, but the girls are beginning to take over. We now have the trailer girls, Bernadette, Poppy, Jackie, and Caroline, and the riding lawn mower, Helen the Husqvarna. As far as the boys, we have Gary and me, Scotty, Chip, and Henry. It's five and five at the moment. The balance of power will never change though, since everybody knows (including Gary) that I rule the roost. You can't argue with the truth! On that note, I'll leave you today with some pictures of our sweet little Bernadette. She's a diamond in the rough, but she's our diamond and we're VERY happy about that.