Monday, November 26, 2012

One Blink.... And It Was Over

Gary and his car buddies really look forward to the Turkey Rod Run car show at the Daytona International Speedway during the Thanksgiving holiday. It's their favorite show, and also the biggest one that they attend. Since I've become their "motel" of choice during the event, I look forward to it almost as much as they do. I actually don't get to go to the show, but there are always plenty of cool cars in our campground that I get to see. Besides, you know how crazy I am about camping. Marty and Kyle (and sometimes Michael as well) come down from North Carolina to visit with us and and attend the show. It's usually the only time during the year that we get to see them. This year, they came down a couple of days early. Gary left the van outside while they were here, and I got to spend a few nights nose to nose with Marty's AWESOME '69 Chevelle. I gotta say, it was the coolest thing in the garage. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I was hitched up to the van for the ride down to Tomoka State Park. That's where we camp when we're at Daytona. This was my 4th year there. I get to hang out and relax while the boys walk for MILES through the automotive flea market and show cars. By the time they get back to the campground each night, they are pretty tired. Mini Me, or "Toasterette" as the wagon that looks like me is often called, was a BIG hit at the show. Gary told me that people were taking pictures of it and the Dodge van wagon constantly. As always, Gary, Marty, and Kyle met up with Marty's brother Ron, his son Jason, and Marty's brother-in-law Bill at the show. Bill was kind enough to take the picture of the boys with Marty's Chevelle, Ron's '67 Camaro, and the wagons. Thanks, Bill! Everyone (including me) had a TERRIFIC time, but unfortunately, the days at Daytona go by at WARP speed. Bye-bye, Daytona. We'll see you next year!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mini Me And The Mini Van

Ten years ago, long before I came into Gary's life, he bought a 1965 Dodge A-100 van to fix up. The following year, he built a small replica of the van, based on a Radio Flyer wagon. The little wagon has been to countless car shows over the years, and has hauled all of Gary's flea market finds, including parts for yours truly. Recently, Gary decided to make some modifications to his reliable parts hauler. He replaced the smaller rear tires with go-kart racing slicks, rebuilt the front axle that had become somewhat worn, and fabricated a trailer hitch. Last year, Gary's buddy Marty from North Carolina, built Gary a little Serro Scotty wagon that looks just like ME!!! How cool is THAT? "Toasterette" needed a few finishing touches, and Gary isn't totally done with them yet. But "mini me" will be ready to roll through the automotive flea market at Daytona International Speedway next week during the annual Turkey Rod Run car show. If the real van and I can't actually attend the show, at least we will be very well represented in "mini" form. That's almost as good as being there!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Whatever You Do, VOTE!!!

I wondered where Gary was off to today. I was pretty sure he was going to the post office and Wal-Mart, but while he was out, he also voted. He figured he would beat the crowds on election day and vote early. He was glad he did. He told me that it seemed like everybody had the same idea. There were long lines, but they moved quickly and he was in and out in around 20 minutes. Luckily, we have the same political views, so I don't have to yell at him for voting for the wrong guy. I wish I could vote. Why don't they have drive-thru voting for travel trailers? Maybe I should suggest that. Anyway, Gary was nice enough to share his "I Voted" sticker with me, so at least I feel like I participated. Now we'll wait and see next week if our guy wins. I'm pretty excited about it. Since I'm not allowed to vote, and you probably can, make sure you get out there and make your voices heard. As you know, I don't often tell anybody (except poor Gary) what to do, but this is VERY important. Make a difference....VOTE!!! Thank you for listening. I'm Toaster, and I approved this message.