Friday, September 30, 2011

Ron's Here!

Every year since I've been living here, Gary's buddy Ron stops by for a visit while he is in our area for a work conference. I like Ron. He is always nice to me and showers me with compliments. As you know, I've been feeling kind of down lately because I lost my favorite spot in the garage. Gary has been less than friendly towards me because I've been complaining so much. So, it was good to see a smiling face for a change. I sure wish Ron lived close to us so he could stop by more often. It was fun to have him visit today, and I was sad to see him go. Come back soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shuffled Out

I was so surprised when Gary opened up the garage door this morning, and there was the van, ready to hitch me up. I wondered at first if we were going camping. Had Gary told me we were and I missed it? Then I realized that Gary had on his grubby work clothes, and that meant we weren't going anywhere. But, he did hitch me up to the van, and pulled me out to the front yard. We weren't going camping, but at least I was outside enjoying some fresh air. Nothing wrong with that! I sat out there for a couple of hours, just hanging out and watching the squirrels playing in the trees. Meanwhile, Gary was busy in the garage, but I wasn't sure what he was doing. The garage door opened, and there was my brother Henry. He got to come outside too. This was unusual. I was thinking that Gary was probably cleaning the garage, and needed the room to move things around. I was certain my other brother Scotty would be coming out next, but instead, that ugly old Terry trailer rolled out. I knew that wasn't a good sign. The Terry trailer NEVER gets moved. I waited, but Scotty never came out. A little while later, Henry went back into the garage, and then, sadly, I was next. Scotty had been moved to where the Terry trailer was. Henry was moved into Scotty's old spot. And I was rolled into the middle of the garage where Henry used to be. Not a good thing for me at all. Being in the center of the garage meant that the Terry trailer would be taking my spot in front of the door. Now I know I won't be going anywhere for awhile because I have that big ugly roadblock in front of me. When Gary used to open the door, I could see out and enjoy the view. Look at the pics at what I'm seeing now. Yuck! This is NOT fun. Gary tells me that he's going to install the door and windows back in the Terry trailer, and it will be gone for good. He moved it to the front of the garage so he would have room to work on it. Well, I'll promise you this. I am going to bug Gary everyday until he gets that monstrosity out of MY garage. I want my space back, I want my view back, I want to go CAMPING!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hometown Visitors

Gary belongs to several different online trailer forums. Recently, he made contact with Brooke and Josh through one of those forums. Unlike all of our other trailer friends, they live right here in St.Augustine. How cool!!! They were SO nice, and complimented me over and over again. As a former ugly duckling, I am still in shock when somebody says I look good. It sure is a great thing to hear. Brooke and Josh own a '65 Shasta named Mabel. I think that is an AWESOME name for a trailer. I know she needs some fixing up like most vintage trailers do, but I'm sure she will be a beauty when they are done. They have big plans for her. Gary will be going over to see Mabel soon, and I'm sure he will take pictures for me to look at. By now, you know how much Gary just LOVES to take pictures! I hope that Brooke and Josh will stop by often to visit. It's FUN to have company, especially vintage trailer fans.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My House

I was reading back through my blog posts today, and noticed that I never have showed you where I live. As many times as I have mentioned the Green Acres Garage, I've never actually showed it to you. So, here's a look at what I call "my house". It's a steel building, 30ft. wide and 60ft. long. That's a total of 1800 square feet. I share my house with Gary's abundance of junk, tools, and vehicles. In addition, my brother Scotty lives here with me, my brother Henry (not shown in the pictures), and a very large Terry travel trailer that Gary is fixing up to sell. These pictures were taken before Gary stripped all the paint off of me. I still look really ugly in the one picture that I am in. Anyway, this is the nicest place I have ever lived. I'm safe and dry and VERY happy. My brothers don't talk as much as I do, and I'm sure they wish I would shut up sometimes, but they are very nice to me. Check out the attached pictures, and come see me if you're ever in St.Augustine. I LOVE company!