Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ahh.....Fresh Air And Sunshine!

I got to go outside today, and it was NICE! I've been stuck in the back of the garage since May 5th. That was 47 days ago, but who's counting? I LOVE my house, but sometimes a guy needs a change of pace, and wants to feel a little grass and dirt in the treads of his tires. Do you know what I mean? At first, I didn't know why Gary had taken me out, but then he told me that he needed to get some up-to-date pictures of my interior. A friend of ours is writing a book about Scotty trailers, and if I'm lucky, maybe a picture or two of me will be included. How cool would THAT be? I've been told not to get my hopes up, but I can't help being a little excited. While I was out enjoying the pretty day, Gary cleaned my interior before taking the pictures. I got vacuumed, my stainless steel was polished, and my floor got scrubbed. I haven't been cleaned like that in MONTHS!!! I'll have to admit that I look a lot nicer than I did. I smell better too. It felt great to have some fresh air blowing through my open windows. A few pictures got taken of my outside as well, and I'll include a couple here in my post. Can you see how happy I look? The day was over too quickly, and now I'm back in my usual spot. I'm not sure how long I'll be stuck inside this time, but I hope it's less than 47 days. The counting begins once again.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Three years ago today, Gary saw an ad for me on Craigslist, and bought me sight unseen. If he was disappointed with how I looked and how poor my condition was when he saw me in person, he certainly didn't show it. He hitched me up to the van, and pulled me all the way across Florida to my new home. And what a fine home it is. Unlike the days of my former life, I get to live like a KING in my nice big garage. I'm safe and out of the weather. Life is BEYOND good! Since that first day we met, Gary has spent lots of time WITH me, and lots of money ON me. I guarantee that my previous owner wouldn't even recognize me. I've gone through drastic makeovers, both inside and out. I've been through parts of ten states, and camped in six of them. I've seen beautiful things and met wonderful people. Gary and I have travelled over 10,000 miles, and have camped together for 231 nights so far. With a lot of encouragement and help, I started this blog. That's something I NEVER would have done in my former life. As I reminisce over the magic of these past three years, I'm also looking forward to what lies ahead. I truly hope that all of your lives are as blessed as mine is. Peace, Love, and Happy Camping