Monday, March 19, 2018

Oh NO, Not Again!!!

Poor old Dodge. Just when he was getting over the brutal hit he took on Thanksgiving weekend last year, and the hours of "surgery" he had to repair the extensive damage, he was involved yet again in another accident this past Saturday. This time, a black Chevy Trail Blazer suddenly switched lanes as Dodge was approaching, and the two of them collided. Dodge jumped the curb and ended up on the adjoining sidewalk. His left front fender and the driver's door, along with the parking light and headlight bezel were damaged. This was more of a glancing hit instead of the 50mph impact from the previous accident, but it still did considerable damage. The driver of the Trail Blazer was cited with careless driving. Nobody was hurt, except for the vehicles involved. Both were able to be driven away from the scene of the accident. The damage to the Trail Blazer is more substantial than what you can see in the photos. The pillar between the doors is bent in, and that may be enough structural damage for the Trail Blazer to be considered a total loss. Dodge may be estimated by the insurance company to be a total loss as well, but Gary will NOT allow that to happen. Dodge was saved after the last accident, and he will be saved this time as well. It looks like Rampart the parts donor van will once again supply Dodge with whatever he needs to bring him back to his former glory. And once again, our buddy Chris over at Custom Coatings and Restorations will be in charge of Dodge's "surgery". He did a masterful job of repairing all of the extensive damage from the previous accident. We TOTALLY trust in his skills and the pride he takes in his job. So, that's the bad news for this posting, and I hope to share some much better news very soon. As for me, I guess I am lucky to have not been hitched to Dodge during either of these two accidents. It makes me sick that this misfortune has happened again to Dodge, and that Gary has to deal with all the hassles involved when working with the insurance company. Brighter days are ahead....I hope.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My Last Campout Until October

Sad but true, but the eight days we spent at Sebastian Inlet was the last time I'll be going camping until next fall. It will be a long and hot summer here in the Green Acres Garage, but I've got a lot to look forward to beginning on October 1st. I can do this! Let me back up a bit, and tell you all about what's been going on with Gary and Dodge and myself since I posted last. We were camping at Wekiwa Springs then, and we were all excited about watching the Daytona 500 and our upcoming birthdays. Well, the Daytona 500 ended with someone we don't like as the winner, and then the following day (Gary and I's shared birthday), Gary ended up catching a cold. He felt absolutely miserable for two days. He wasn't feeling well enough to go to the Webster Flea Market as he had planned, and he was bummed out that he was missing something that he had looked forward to doing. The good part about him being sick, was that he hung out with me instead of being gone all day. I like having him around, even if he isn't feeling like himself. The only place he went to was Wal-Mart to get some cold medications, chicken soup, and ice. He slept on and off, and didn't do anything else but watch TV with me. Three days later, as the time came around for us to pack up and head to Sebby (Sebastian Inlet), he was feeling quite a bit better. I was SO glad! It was 129 miles from our campsite at Wekiwa to the first of three campsites we camped in at Sebby. During our eight night stay, we spent two nights in campsite 58, two nights in campsite 60, and four nights in campsite 53. All three campsites are in the newest loop, with 53 being waterfront. All three sites were VERY nice, but there was no shade in any of them. It was right around 85 degrees each day we were there, but with the strong breezes, it didn't feel like it was as hot as it was. Gary split his time between antique shopping and hanging out in the park. He took literally hundreds of pictures, some of which I'll share with you here. I apologize if I post any duplicates of the ones I posted during our stay in December. TV reception is spotty at Sebby, but with some creative antenna adjustments and the addition of a new antenna signal booster, there was plenty of channels to keep me entertained while Gary was away. I only had one disappointment during this visit, and that was the absence of the friendly squirrels that we always encounter during our Sebby stays. I have no idea where all of them were, but the only one I saw was when we were leaving the park. And I had three big bags of peanuts for them too. Bummer! Hopefully we will see their cute little faces next time. I REALLY missed them! Even though the squirrels didn't visit us, we had a FANTASTIC time at Sebby like we always do. It is our FAVORITE coastal Florida park, no doubt about it. We'll be back for a whopping TWELVE night stay around Christmas and New Year's. Currently, we are back at home in St. Augustine. I am back in my usual spot in the garage I share with my buddy Dodge. Gary hit the ground running as soon as we got home three days ago. He has a LOT of catching up to do around here. Things seemed to get out of hand in a hurry. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention why I didn't post on my blog why we were at Sebastian Inlet. Gary's old HP laptop computer bit the dust, so I had to wait until we got home to use his MacBook. It's so much different to navigate than the old HP, and I am not too computer savvy. So, I'm learning as I go, and I hope this post comes out okay. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pics from the ones that Gary took at Sebby. Enjoy!