Monday, December 11, 2017

TONS Of Pics From Sebastian Inlet State Park

We just got home from a GLORIOUS week of fun at Sebastian Inlet State Park. What a GREAT place! We've camped there several times, and it's always sad when we have to leave. After being unusually warm during our first five days, it finally got MUCH colder for days six and seven. The weather guys were actually right this time. How often does that happen? Day six (Saturday) was overcast and gloomy looking. Our final day (Sunday) was sunny and bright. On both of those days, the winds were VERY gusty. The no-see-ums that were such a problem during the first five days, were not an issue at all with the winds blowing so hard. And the 45 to 60 degree temperatures were WONDERFUL. Most of the attached photos were taken on our final day, with a few taken at earlier times. Those of you that know me and regularly read my blog, know all too well how much I love squirrels. So, I've started the photos off with pics of a couple of my favorite little buddies who constantly came by to entertain me. Gary had them eating right out of his hand! They didn't hesitate coming in my open door for snacks. Sebastian Inlet has the friendliest squirrels of any place we go to. All of the other pictures are in no particular order. I'll let them do the talking for themselves. Gary had a good time taking them all. From sunrises to sunsets, and everything in-between, we hope you'll enjoy the pics. There's lots to see and do and enjoy at Sebastian Inlet. Be sure to make it a must-see destination in your travels.