Friday, October 30, 2015

Seminole State Park, Donalsonville, GA.

Hey, everybody. It's me, the Toastest with the mostest, coming to you LIVE from Seminole State Park in Donalsonville, GA. Where is Donalsonville located you ask? It's northwest of Tallahassee, FL., not far up into Georgia, and not far from Alabama either. Like every stop that we will make this year during our camping season, this is our first time here. This is a pretty park as most of the Georgia State Parks are, and we were fortunate enough to arrive early today which allowed us to grab one of the lakeside campsites before they were all taken. We're in campsite number 3 for our 3 night stay here, and I am LOVING the view. TV reception is good, and so is our internet connection. That's a bonus since WiFi isn't available here. Rain is predicted for part of our stay, but it was beautiful today. As soon as Gary got me set up, he was off with his camera and extra batteries to take pictures of our surroundings. There are 14 lakeside camping cabins, more than 50 campsites, pioneer camping (YUCK!!!), and something called treehouse camping, which is basically just a 2-story screened room. The treehouse is the last of the pictures I've included. There's lots of ducks and geese on Lake Seminole, lots of gopher tortoises everywhere else, and some REALLY big and REALLY scary looking squirrels with black faces. As much as I love squirrels, the ones here are a bit too freaky for my taste. Gary walked all around the lake, and also walked the 2.2 mile Gopher Tortoise Trail. Thank goodness he didn't get lost like he did a couple of years ago on our first visit to General Coffee. There's a small man-made beach here, a large picnic area with several pavillions and a playground, a miniature golf course, and canoe, kayak, and paddle boat rentals. Our plastic flamingos are hanging out down by the lake, and I'm hoping the alligators don't mistake them for the real thing. Everyone here has been SUPER friendly and helpful. Campground hosts are right across the street from us in campsite number 2, and they have ice and firewood available right there if we need it. I'm hoping the weather guys are as wrong as they usually are, and the beautiful days will continue during our stay. Things are just too darn nice for Mother Nature to get a bad attitude and mess it up. Enjoy the attached pictures, and I'll write again soon. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Home Sweet St. Augustine

After 16 wonderful days on the road, we've made our way back home to St. Augustine. I sure am glad we were southbound instead of northbound on I-95. There were 5 major accidents in the northbound lanes within 20 miles of home. With light rain and slick roads, I was REALLY nervous that someone wouldn't be paying attention, and would run into me. That's my biggest fear. I have nightmares about it from time to time. Anyway, we made it home safely, and I am VERY grateful for that. Our first camping trip of the year was TONS of fun. Gary and Dodge traveled a total of 2,080 miles. During 744 of those miles, I sat in whatever campground we were at while my buddies were off hunting down antique stores. That leaves 1336 miles that I was actually on the road with them. Needless to say, I got a whole lot more relaxation time than they did. Gary bought a LOT of stuff on this trip as you can see by the lack of free space that remains in Dodge. Most every nook and cranny was filled with something. I know for sure that Dodge will be glad to get emptied out. We left those cooler temperatures we experienced in Georgia and Tennessee behind. Although it's nowhere near as hot here at home as it was a month ago, it's still warm enough to run the air conditioner. Mine is humming away as I write this post. While I continue my life of leisure, Gary has lots to do in the short time we are home. Somehow he always manages to get everything done. We'll all be ready to roll out of the Green Acres Garage again in about a week, and I am SO looking forward to it. If our second trip is even half as good as the first, then we are going to love it. Bring it ON!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back To Beaver Run

As you may recall, our very first stop on our current trip was at Beaver Run RV park in Metter, GA. We only stayed one night on our way further north. On this particular trip, Beaver Run is a convenient stopping point to rest up both to and from our other destinations, so we decided to come back by here on our way home. Gary wanted to check out the array of antique stores in this area and a bit further south, so we are staying three nights this time so he will have time to make the rounds. There isn't much to say about Beaver Run that I didn't already say in my first post from here, so I'll spare you a repeat of the details. We were in campsite #23 during our first stay here, but this time we're in campsite #13. This one isn't nearly as shady, but that's okay. Luckily for us, the high temperatures haven't gotten past the mid 70's during the day, so I'm not heating up like an oven like I do when the temperatures are warmer. Gary gets hot very easily, and he's had no complaints. The nights have been down into the lower 40's. That is just plain heavenly! As is usually the case wherever we stay, I am the smallest and oldest trailer here. The majority of the trailers and motor homes parked here appear to be semi-permanent residents. Most of them were here during our first visit. We've barely seen anyone. A few people have come and gone, but most either stay inside or aren't here at all. That makes things very quiet. As I write this, it is mid-afternoon on the last day of our first camping trip of the season. These 16 days on the road have gone by in a flash. Gary has nearly filled up Dodge with the many treasures he has found all along the way. He's going to have a lot of unpacking to do when we get home. Speaking of Dodge, he had just over 242,000 miles on him when we left home, and now he's got more than 244,000 miles on him. As usual, he has done a flawless job of getting us from place to place and hauling all of our stuff. Where would we be without him? He's resting up today, and tomorrow he will take us back home to St. Augustine. We will re-group for 9 days, and then we head out for our next adventure. I can't WAIT to get started! I'll post again as soon as I can. Bye!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Indian Springs State Park, Flovilla, GA.

We made the 210 mile journey from Tennessee to here at Indian Springs State Park in Flovilla, Georgia without any problems. Since Gary hates the interstate traffic through Atlanta as much as I do, I assumed he would take back roads to get here. Well, you know what they say about those who assume. Although we didn't come straight down I-75, we did take the I-285 by-pass on the east side of Atlanta. Gary opted for that route instead of smaller roads to save us some time, but it just about drove us both insane. People were tailgating us (me actually), erratically changing lanes, and cutting us off. Time saved? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely not. I've been promised that we will never do that again, and I'll be sure to hold Gary to that promise. After that stressful ride, it felt SO good to arrive here and just chill out. Indian Springs State Park is the perfect place for that. This is our first time here, but it will NOT be our last. From the minute we pulled in, we were taken back by how beautiful this place is. We knew we were in for a treat. The park office and gift shop is housed in a two story white house that is well over a hundred years old. No other park that we have been to has such an elegant office. Melissa checked us in and gave Gary information about the park. He said that she is very friendly and helpful. He was happy to be greeted by someone so nice, as that isn't always the case. Making our way back to the campground, we drove through in search of the best campsite we could find. There were multiple possibilities, but it seemed like campsite #43 was the most private and shady, and that's two things we really enjoy. Of all the campsites in our history, this is one (on a short list) of the best we've ever had. We LOVE it! We've got nice neighbors too. For Gary's benefit, the restroom is close by. For my benefit, there's cable TV here. The amount of channels is limited, but at least I can see all of my favorite shows. The camp host here, who is in the first campsite entering our loop, has a full stock of firewood available. We haven't had a fire on this trip, and won't while we're here, but it's great to have firewood available close by without having to leave the park to get it for those that are having campfires. This park is believed to be the oldest state park in the United States. The Civilian Conservation Corps incredible stonework can clearly be seen in many of the structures and walkways within the park. A briskly flowing stream cascades over a field of rocks at the entrance to the park. It's obvious how much Gary loves water and streams by how many pictures he always takes of them wherever we are. I've included a few of the MANY he took. McIntosh Lake that is here in the park is currently being drained. From what we were told, there are some gate valves that need to be replaced in the area of the dam, and that makes the drainage necessary. Hard to believe, but things will be even prettier here when the lake is refilled. I hope we get to experience that on our next visit. Due to the season and the drainage, the beach (yes, there's a beach here), is currently closed. We passed by several picnicking areas on our way in, and there's a miniature golf course here too. There's also a museum, 10 cottages, pioneer camping (who needs that when they have a cool little trailer like me?), and a 3-1/4 mile trail. There's plenty for everyone to do, and an awesome place to do absolutely nothing. Nothing (as you know), is what I do best. Of all the places we have been to on this trip, I am REALLY going to hate to leave here the most. But the time is drawing near, and we must be moving on. I'll write again soon, I promise. Enjoy your day. Love, Toaster.