Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ten Nights At The World's BEST Campground

After our camping trip to Anastasia State Park in March, I thought for sure that I would be locked up in the Green Acres Garage until next fall. Then the need arose for Gary to travel across the state to St. Petersburg, so that he could spend a few days working on his house over there. Our best friends Bill and Sandy, graciously volunteered to let us camp on their driveway again, just like we did on our last trip to St. Petersburg about two years ago. So, Gary got me and my dog Serra ready for the trip, gathered his tools, clothes, and essentials, and off we went. When we arrived at Bill and Sandy's "Campground", we were surprised to find that they had moved their vehicles to the front yard, so that we could have our choice of whatever area of the driveway we wanted to camp on. We chose to be under the canopy on the side of the driveway closest to the house. The "Welcome Toaster" sign on the canopy was both funny and really thoughtful. We TOTALLY loved it! It stayed up during our entire visit. Even though the weather was sunny and hot for the majority of our stay, and it rained for a night or two, I was safely protected from the elements. TV reception was perfect, so I had no problem keeping up with my favorite shows. And when I wasn't doing that, the two big oak trees in the front yard were full of squirrels, and you KNOW how much I love watching them. Gary definitely wasn't thrilled with all the work he had to do on his house, but hanging out with Bill and Sandy when he came home in the evenings was LOTS of fun. It's a shame that they can't get together more often. When Gary was off working, our camp hosts would occasionally say hi to me, or give me a little pat to let me know that I wasn't alone. They're SO considerate! Gary thought that our stay would be no longer than four days, but there's always more work to do than he expects. We ended up staying for a total of ten days and nights. He did everything from painting, to replacing fence posts, to relocating an air conditioner, to sweeping leaves off the roof. Even with all of those things accomplished, he's already got a list started of things to do on our next visit. We're planning on returning to St. Petersburg and Bill and Sandy's FABULOUS campground again in October. The work load should be substantially less, and the fun with our best buddies will be just as great as ever. We can hardly wait!