Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hometown Visitors

Gary belongs to several different online trailer forums. Recently, he made contact with Brooke and Josh through one of those forums. Unlike all of our other trailer friends, they live right here in St.Augustine. How cool!!! They were SO nice, and complimented me over and over again. As a former ugly duckling, I am still in shock when somebody says I look good. It sure is a great thing to hear. Brooke and Josh own a '65 Shasta named Mabel. I think that is an AWESOME name for a trailer. I know she needs some fixing up like most vintage trailers do, but I'm sure she will be a beauty when they are done. They have big plans for her. Gary will be going over to see Mabel soon, and I'm sure he will take pictures for me to look at. By now, you know how much Gary just LOVES to take pictures! I hope that Brooke and Josh will stop by often to visit. It's FUN to have company, especially vintage trailer fans.

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