Friday, March 23, 2012

Lakepoint Resort State Park, Eufaula, AL., Part 2

Gary and I slept pretty well during our first night. We had tried to catch a few hours of sleep at a rest stop along the way to Eufaula, but it was just too noisy. With the new day upon us, we looked forward to the arrival of Debbie and Bubbles. They arrived early, and parked in the spot right next door to us. Debbie has camped for most of her life, so Gary wasn't much help in lending a hand while she was getting Bubbles set up. He's kind of a rookie at this camping stuff. Debbie had everything from pink flamingo lawn decorations and lights, to a vintage ovenette and an ice maker. She even has a tent she sets up as a camp kitchen. That girl comes equipped! Bubbles was cute, and I didn't have any objections to checking her out the whole weekend. After getting everything set-up, Debbie and Gary went out on a supply run to Wal-Mart. With that done, we all hung out and got to know each other while waiting for the others to arrive. Debbie's son Jed, his son Hunter, and his girlfriend Sherry arrived with their pop-up. Then Ron and Sherry Muzyka arrived in their '81 (we think) dual-axle Hilander, along with their son Ronnie, his daughter Kallan, and his girlfriend Tonya. Ronnie, Kallan, and Tonya set up a tent next to Ron and Sherry's Hilander. Everybody visited, and I got to meet everyone as they came over to check me out. So, this mini Scotty rally was under way.

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