Friday, March 23, 2012

Lakepoint Resort State Park, Eufaula, AL., Part 3

Debbie and Sherry are definitely good cooks. In no time flat, they had whipped up enough breakfast for the whole gang. Even though I don't eat, I do know good smells when I'm near them, and there's nothing like the smell of good camping food. Gary must have been hungry. He was out of bed and hanging out in Debbie's camp kitchen before she had the first piece of bacon in the pan. Just like the previous evening, everybody hung out and visited for most of the day on Saturday. Friends of the families came and went as the day progressed. There was fishing going on at the lake for some, and the youngest girls rode bikes and played with the dogs. Everybody new that came by checked out Bubbles and me. All the women liked how pretty Bubbles was, and the guys enjoyed my "man-cave" qualities. Gary checked out Ron and Sherry's Hilander named "Tiger" which is in the process of a makeover. They also own a second Hilander named P.J., a '73 model that will someday be turning heads itself. The day ended with another huge meal consisting of "hobos" that are wrapped in foil and made in the fire, and lots more conversation. Saturday would be the final night for everyone but Debbie and Bubbles and Gary and I. The time was flying by, but luckily, we still had one more night of camping to go.

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