Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ahh.....Fresh Air And Sunshine!

I got to go outside today, and it was NICE! I've been stuck in the back of the garage since May 5th. That was 47 days ago, but who's counting? I LOVE my house, but sometimes a guy needs a change of pace, and wants to feel a little grass and dirt in the treads of his tires. Do you know what I mean? At first, I didn't know why Gary had taken me out, but then he told me that he needed to get some up-to-date pictures of my interior. A friend of ours is writing a book about Scotty trailers, and if I'm lucky, maybe a picture or two of me will be included. How cool would THAT be? I've been told not to get my hopes up, but I can't help being a little excited. While I was out enjoying the pretty day, Gary cleaned my interior before taking the pictures. I got vacuumed, my stainless steel was polished, and my floor got scrubbed. I haven't been cleaned like that in MONTHS!!! I'll have to admit that I look a lot nicer than I did. I smell better too. It felt great to have some fresh air blowing through my open windows. A few pictures got taken of my outside as well, and I'll include a couple here in my post. Can you see how happy I look? The day was over too quickly, and now I'm back in my usual spot. I'm not sure how long I'll be stuck inside this time, but I hope it's less than 47 days. The counting begins once again.

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