Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nice To Meet You, Phil

Through my blog, all of you have met my brothers Scotty, Chip, and Henry. Well, Gary has a brother as well, and his name is Phil. This past week, Phil was in town to spend a few days with us. Actually, he was here to spend time with Gary, but I included myself in on the visit. Phil came out to the garage a couple of times to see me. I've heard a lot about him over the years, and it was good to finally meet him. Phil lives in Tennessee these days, so I guess we won't see him very often, but his short time here was lots of fun. Maybe I can talk Gary into taking me up to Tennessee for a visit. That would be nice, and we've never camped up there before. I've been cooped up in this garage all summer, and I'm ready to go somewhere. Tennessee sounds good to me. How about you, Gary?

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