Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I don't know why I haven't posted this news before now, but Scotty and I have our new axles sitting here in the garage. They arrived about three weeks ago, but Gary has been WAY busy with other projects, and hasn't had time to install them. That's alright though. They're right here waiting, and when time allows, I know Gary will be doing his best to get the job done. I'll be getting mine first, because after all, Scotty is just a frame and isn't going to be needing his new axle for a LONG time. I'll also be getting mine first because I'm the whiniest of his two trailers. You know what they say....the squeeky wheel gets the grease! This past week, my axle was disassembled for cleaning, priming, and painting. Funny how the axles got surface rust on them from just sitting here, but bare metal in the Florida humidity is NOT a good thing. Anyway, it didn't take Gary long to do the cleanup, then came the primer, and the next day came the paint. Scotty's bare frame was the perfect holding tool to support my axle for the painting process. Thanks, Scotty! Although there was probably enough time to get my axle installed before this weekend's camping trip, Gary decided to wait. If anything at all went wrong in the process, our camping trip would be cancelled. Neither one of us wanted that to happen. So, I'll go on my last camping adventure as a saggy little trailer, and by the time we go on our next trip, I'll be riding high on top of my gorgeous new axle. I've been wanting this axle for SO long, what's another few days of waiting?

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