Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm In A BUSY Place!

It's been about ten days since the garage I live in was essentially an island on our property. Luckily, we've had many sunny days here in St. Augustine, and things have pretty much dried out around here. There has been a CRAZY amount of activity here in the Green Acres Garage. Gary has been out here every single day, and working past sunset on most nights. I can't say that he's worked on me very much. Other than gutting my kitchen base cabinet, I remain untouched. However, I have literally been surrounded by lots of other work. My brother Henry, who used to be a Scotty Hilander, was brought back over from the driveway to the garage. He had 1/2" plywood flooring that Gary removed, and will replace with 3/4" pressure treated plywood. And then, sides and a tailgate will be made, and Henry will officially be a S.L.U.T. (Serro Lawn & Utility Trailer). Gary comes up with some VERY creative names, doesn't he? To stabilize Henry's wooden sides and to beef up his frame for hauling the new riding lawn mower that Gary just bought, he was taken over to the local welding shop to have some steel tubing welded onto the back of him. At the moment, he looks like a rolling football goal post, but I know that he will look radically different by the time Gary get's finished with him. Most of that stack of wood that was piled in front of me has been cut into pieces for Henry's transformation. Gary, being the considerate guy that he is, has been cutting the wood outside with the garage door closed so that I won't get dusty. He's so nice to me. One of our friends wants the bumper off of my brother Scotty, so Gary cut it off with a saw yesterday. And if all of that activity wasn't enough, Gary has also been cutting wood for some other kind of creation that I know absolutely nothing about. He made a square wooden tube, and laminated three pieces of wood together to make a little square thing with a LOT of holes in it. There's also a heat gun mounted on a board involved in this project. When I find out what the heck all of these things are, I'll let you know. Gary continues to spend every night "gamping" (garage camping) with me, as he has done every night for over seven months now. Even though our camping season on the road is over, I'm thankful that he's still willing to spend his nights with me here at home. It's so much fun to hang out with my favorite camping buddy. That's the latest news from here. More soon!

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