Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Toaster Obsession, Part Two

It's been a quiet week here at the Green Acres Garage. Gary had some major dental work done on Tuesday, and he's been tired and weak ever since. I've done my best to be helpful and to make him comfortable. My A/C is running constantly, and he has spent most of the week sleeping away the days and nights with me watching over him. Needless to say, there hasn't been any work going on around here at all. Gary is taking a much needed break, and he's doing everything he can to heal properly. Since I have had very little to keep up with here in the garage, I thought I would take an inventory and some fresh pictures of the toaster salt and pepper shakers and related items that I told you about back in February. Thanks to lots of online and antique store shopping, our collection has grown considerably. Who knew there were so many items that are shaped like me? Gary has found most of these, but I've surprised him and have come up with a couple of them with my online shopping prowess. Most of these are salt and pepper shakers, but a couple are Christmas ornaments. The biggest one is a sticky notes holder called "Toasty Notes". Gary found that one in an antiques store in Jacksonville. My favorite find is the aqua and white one. It was in Serro Scotty colors, so I HAD to have it. As I said before, I usually don't collect anything. But now that I have seen how much fun collecting is, I'm on eBay every single day looking for these little jewels. Gary is probably sorry that he taught me how to use the computer, and even worse, that I know how to access his PayPal account. This could be dangerous! Anyway, he doesn't seem to mind when an unknown little package arrives in the mail with a new toaster inside. It's kind of a father and son obsession.

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