Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Home Of "Gary's Hardware"

I really should have posted this before I posted the update about Joni, since this occurred before, but I got a bit ahead of myself. I guess the extreme heat in the garage isn't only effecting Gary, but it's getting to me as well. Must be an age thing. Oh well. Remember the ultra-cool hardware cabinets that I posted about a couple of weeks ago? Gary had come home with twelve of these beauties, and began clearing a space and moving an electrical outlet where they were going to be located. Gary didn't want them to sit directly on the concrete floor, so a base was built to sit them on. The two long 2x4's seen in the first picture are new, but all the other wood on the base is recycled. The plywood top used to be part of Henry the Hilander's floor. It's not the prettiest plywood on the planet, but it will be covered by the cabinets and not seen. With the base built and put in place, the hardware cabinets were brought over one by one. Gary lag bolted the bottom layer of the cabinets to the base, and bolted each cabinet to another, forming a solid wall. Some of the drawers had to be removed to gain access to places to bolt everything down and together. Once the wall of cabinets were together, the drawers were put back in. The next step is to organize the large amount of hardware that Gary has "in stock", put that hardware in the drawers, buy whatever may be missing from "inventory", and label all the bins and the fronts of the drawers. That probably won't happen until the fall. Getting those cabinets out of the way was the main goal for now. I never paid much attention to hardware before I moved here to the Green Acres Garage, but I can see why Gary likes it. A guy that works on lots of stuff like he does can never have enough hardware, right? I can't wait for everything to be organized. I'll be hearing a lot less cuss words when Gary can finally find what he's looking for. When he's happy, I'm happy, and a happy camper is what it's all about!

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