Sunday, August 11, 2013

Joni's Re-Hab, Part Two

It's been busy around here since I last posted an entry into my blog, but I guess that's nothing new. There's ALWAYS something going on in the Green Acres Garage. Gary's been sweating his butt off in the hot and humid summer days of Florida, but he's slowly making progress on Joni's repairs. He would have had her completed in half the time in cooler temperatures, but these brutally hot days really take a toll on him. We only have eight weeks to go before our first camping trip, so I know he's doing his best to get her done. I am waiting to get some of his attention for myself. Anyway, let me show you some pictures and tell you a little about Joni's latest improvements. After shimming out a rather crooked wall, her left side cargo door and lock was installed. I donated the empty window frame that Joni's air conditioner will fit in. That frame used to be where my fire escape window is now. Somebody got REALLY mad at my previous owner, and they took their hostility out on ME! What did I do? I'm just a poor little travel trailer. Those were the dark days of my existence, and I try not to dwell on them. They beat all the glass out, and destroyed the "innards" of the window. Gary, not one to ever throw anything away, kept the empty frame for a future project, and Joni became that project. The air conditioner will be removable, and a plexiglass panel will fill the empty frame when the air conditioner is not needed. The pictures you see here are "test fit" photos, and not the final product. There's still a lot more to do yet. The biggest improvement this week has been the completion of Joni's rear wall, both inside and out. Gary originally cut a small patch panel to cover the hole where the air conditioner used to be located under Joni's rear window. It didn't look like Gary wanted it, so he cut a wider panel to go all the way across the back under the window. I agree. It does look better. She also got a brand new license plate light and bracket, and got her "Serro Scotty" emblem reattached. With that done, it was time to install her rear window for good. He had test fitted it before, but now it was time to install it for good. Looks nice, doesn't it? The inside of the rear wall was insulated, and then came the installation of the plywood trim panel. Sure looks better than the one Gary removed. It had been hacked up in the past, and had nowhere to be attached to because there were no studs in the rear wall. All of that has been rectified, and Joni now has a good solid rear wall. I'll write again soon, and will give you an update on Joni and whatever else happens here in the life of St. Augustine's one and only "talking" travel trailer. Until then, XOXOXO, Toaster.

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