Thursday, May 8, 2014

Farewell, "Sweet Kiwi"

Oh, happy day! That huge old Terry trailer (now named "Sweet Kiwi") that took up space in my garage and lots of Gary's time, is now on it's way to it's new home in Alabama. As pigged up as this garage is with all of Gary's clutter, it actually seems empty with the Terry trailer gone. I haven't smiled this much since our last camping trip! Here's what's happened since I posted last week. Cindy ("Sweet Kiwi's" new owner), and her dog Zeva, came to stay with us for a couple of days. They camped in the trailer and got organized, and prepared for their long journey. Cindy had limited towing experience, and no experience at all with a trailer as big and heavy as "Sweet Kiwi". A test towing session took place, and Cindy gained confidence. She was ready to hit the road. Wednesday morning was upon us, and the time had finally arrived for the girls to head west. No tears from me as Cindy pulled "Sweet Kiwi" out of the garage, through the gate, and out of sight. As you know, I've never been fond of that big hulk of a trailer. It's size was just too intimidating for a little guy like me. I do miss Cindy and Zeva though. They are GREAT girls. Cindy checked in from the Florida panhandle on Wednesday evening. They had travelled almost 300 miles, and had no problems at all. They were safe and sound at a private campground. They plan to go to a state park near the Florida/Alabama state lines next, and will camp there for a couple of days before heading to their final destination. As for Gary and I, things are getting back to normal around here. He is working on cleaning up the garage, and I'm constantly bugging him to change the TV channels for me so I can watch my favorite shows and relax. Life is good! We wish Cindy and Zeva and "Sweet Kiwi" safe travels for the rest of their trip, and much happiness in their new state. It's almost time for "The Price Is Right", so I gotta fly. Catch you later!

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