Thursday, May 22, 2014

You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine

Gary got to work on my door renovation today. Things were going pretty well for awhile, and then he found some additional issues that he didn't know existed until he removed my doorjamb. I'll go into that on a future post. For now, let me tell you about what happened today. With the eyebrow above my door removed, the damage suffered during that horrible day (see my last post entitled "When One Door Opens....") is more evident. The door jamb is pulled away from my sheet metal at least three-quarters of an inch on the upper left corner. The screws holding the door jamb have been pulled right out of the wood in that area. After removing the remaining screws holding the jamb, it was pretty simple to remove the jamb and the door as an assembly. You can see my original aqua and white paint that was hiding under the door jamb. Gary knew of one split in the sheet metal above the door, but there was one on the other side as well. Not good, not good at all. The good news is that my plywood around the door jamb is in great shape. Thankfully, I wasn't rotted or Gary would have been SUPER mad. He took the other issues that he found pretty favorably, and vows to fix me up as well as he possibly can. He's never lied to me, and I know he will do exactly that. For tonight, he reattached the door jamb and my original door back onto me with just a couple of screws to hold them in place. Then, he began assembling the temporary door that he cut out most of the parts for yesterday. What you see is the "innards" of the door. It will eventually be sandwiched between pieces of sheet metal. This temporary door is made entirely of recycled and scrap wood. As I mentioned in my last post, my new permanent door will be made of all new rot-resistant materials, and will possibly be lightened up a bit. This one is pretty heavy. Since these recycled materials are disposable, Gary wanted to experiment with them and make any mistakes with them instead of the fairly expensive ones he plans to buy for the permanent door. After he assembled the temporary door, he used up some very old red paint he had to make it look a little better. I LOVE the red. As you all know, it's my FAVORITE color. Too bad most of it won't be seen once it's in the middle of the "sandwich". I also love that framing for the porthole window. That is TOO cool. Well, I told you I'd keep you informed on the progress. My mission is complete, at least for now. More soon.

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