Monday, May 11, 2015

Green Acres Shuffle 2015

At least once a year (and sometimes more), Gary spends a considerable amount of time cleaning and rearranging my home here in the Green Acres Garage. That has been his primary project since we got home from our trip to St.Petersburg a couple of weeks ago. He threw out a bunch of stuff this time, and that's very surprising because Gary doesn't throw out much of anything. He still has a long way to go to get the garage the way he wants it, but this was a step in the right direction. The main purpose in doing all this was to make enough room in the garage so Casper (the white cargo van) could live inside with me and the other vehicles. Unfortunately, somebody had to leave the garage to make room for Casper, and that somebody was my brother Scotty. He is now outside in the back yard with a tarp over him. He should be fine out there, but I really do miss him. I guess it does make more sense to keep the much more valuable Casper in the garage instead of a 44 year old trailer frame. It's just sad there isn't enough room for everybody. As far as who went where, here's the scoop. The old Dodge Dart and the A100 van remained where they were in the back of the garage. The space underneath the loft where Scotty used to be is now filled with clutter from other parts of the garage. Poppy is still where she was too, but got moved just a little bit closer to the roll-up garage door on the side of the garage. Dodge (who probably won't get used much this summer because his A/C doesn't work) is now alarmingly close to Poppy, and I got moved between Dodge and the workbench. There is a path on both sides of me big enough for Gary to walk through. Casper is closest to the front roll-up garage door so that he can go in and out easily. He will be Gary's primary transportation for the summer. Helen the Husqvarna got moved too. She was on the opposite side of the garage in a cramped little spot. Now she's in a wide open space near the rest of the lawn and garden equipment. Although tight, there's enough space to move her in and out of the garage without having to move Casper. Even though the garage is still a mess (obviously not MY fault!), it is definitely more organized and space efficient than it was. Gary should be happy with it, at least for awhile, and if he's happy, then I'm happy.

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