Thursday, September 17, 2015

No Vacation For The Oxidation

It's my lucky week! I not only had a bath this week, but Gary is now in the process of removing years of oxidation off of my skin. De-oxidating is the bare aluminum trailer version of human skin exfoliation. Basically, Gary is attempting to get all of that yucky, pore-clogging gunk out of my skin by using fine steel wool, spray carburetor cleaner, and a whole lot of rubbing. He will do this to all of me, and then he will polish me with Mother's Aluminum Polish. I should look pretty spiffy for this year's camping trips. It's amazing how different my skin looks and feels after the steel wool/carburetor cleaning process. See all that black stuff on my skin and on the polishing cloth? That, my friends, is oxidation, and this year, it's going to stay home and not go with us on our travels. In the second photo, you can clearly see that the upper portion of my side has been de-oxidized, and the lower portion has not. The de-oxidized part is MUCH more shiny. If I had fingers, I would be able to tell the difference by feel. Gary says that the de-oxidized skin is smooth to the touch, and the "dirty" skin is as rough as 100 grit sandpaper. That's a BIG difference. We don't want my skin to have a mirror-like shine like an Airstream. A dull shine is fine with us, and it's a lot less of a hassle to take care of. This is only the third time in the last five years that I've been de-oxidized, so Gary isn't into anything that he has to constantly clean and polish. As long as I'm not covered and dirt and poop, I'm perfectly happy. But on those rare occasions when I'm clean AND polished, I REALLY feel like a stud. Look out girls, here I come!

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