Monday, September 28, 2015

Late September Update

Time is running out to get everything done before our upcoming camping season. To say that Gary has been busy is a major understatement. He's been putting in some LONG hours, but things are coming together. He promised me that he would polish me, and he followed through with the promise. Even after he de-oxidized my skin with six full cans of carburetor cleaner and a whole package of steel wool, there was still much more oxidation left that the Mother's Metal Polish drew out of me. Look at the difference between that new blue applicator pad and the one next to it. And all of that nastiness came off of just a small portion of the metal under my rear window. YUCK! It took more than a dozen clean rags and a full roll of paper towels to get me looking good. Gary's arms and shoulders were plenty sore after all that work, but the end result was definitely worth his efforts. I look SO much better! It's been five years since Gary stripped all of the layers of paint and roof coatings off of me. At that time, I got new edge trim with the red vinyl insert trim in it. The vinyl has faded considerably, and it's shrunken in length on both ends by a few inches. It looked shabby, so off it came. Gary had a new roll "in stock", so now I have brand new vinyl to compliment my shiny skin. One thing that time and weather has not destroyed is the awesome Eternabond sealing tape over the seams in my roof. It looks as good as the day that Gary installed it. That stuff is the BEST product to keep your camper free of water damage. I haven't leaked a drop. The last thing to be spruced up on my exterior was my tongue. It had a lot of nicks and chipped paint on it. Rustoleum Safety Red is my color, and now my tongue looks as good as the rest of me. After a couple of years of not looking my best during our travels, I won't be embarrassed at all this season. Lots of other things that I haven't already told you about have been checked, fixed, or spiffed up. Mechanically, all systems have been tested, and all is well. There's just a couple of hours of interior cleaning to be done, and I will be ready to hit the road. Am I excited? Oh HELL yeah!!! We head to Georgia and Tennessee VERY soon, and I will write and post pictures from every stop. Signing off from the Green Acres Garage in beautiful St. Augustine, FL., this is Toaster. Thanks for reading my blog. Over and out!

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