Thursday, June 30, 2016

Movin' On Up To The East Side

As the CFO of Booth 366, the company co-owned by Gary and I, I am pleased to announce our expansion to a larger booth within the Southern Crossing Antique Mall in Jacksonville Florida. We just completed our second month in the antiques and collectibles business, and things have been going REALLY well. The dealer that was previously in our new booth outgrew it, and moved to a larger booth herself. That left her booth available at just the right moment when we were thinking of moving to somewhere larger, so we decided to go for it. The new booth is just a few feet east of our old booth, and yes, we will retain our Booth 366 name. That will stay with us no matter where we go. Our original booth was great, but we simply needed more room, especially floor space. Although our new booth isn't as large as many within the mall, it's the next progressive step as we learn the ropes. We went from one shelf unit to two, at least 6 times more floor space, and we've got a wall large enough to accommodate a full 4x8 sheet of pegboard. This move was sudden, so Gary still has to take the pegboard up and anchor it to the wall. But once it's up, that will give us more room on the shelves for more items. Now all we have to do is sell even more than we have previously to cover the additional cost of the larger booth. Being the Chief Financial Officer, I guess I am more concerned with the money aspect of the business than Gary is, but we will work closely together to make this a success. Neither of us can complain with how things have gone so far. This is SO much fun! We will no doubt stay where we're at for quite some time, but if anything changes, I'll let you know. Stop by Booth 366, and BUY BUY BUY!!!

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