Monday, June 13, 2016

Seven Years!

Hello! There is plenty of activity here at the Green Acres Garage, but I'm not involved in much of it. As usual, my buddy Gary is as busy as he can possibly be, while I sit idly by and watch. I occasionally make suggestions, but beyond that, I watch TV all day and take naps. Such a life! While Gary has been too busy to acknowledge the occasion, I just had to post about my 7th year anniversary as an adopted member of Gary's family. On June 8th 2009, Gary bought me. I'm still not sure why he did, but I will be forever grateful. When I thought about creating this post, I was going to include a few pictures from each year of my life here in St. Augustine. But you've already seen WAY too many pictures of me, so I decided to just include a copy of the original Craigslist ad where Gary found me, and one of me (the way I look now) and the Green Acres Garage, my home sweet home. Sometimes lesser is better. Vintage travel trailers like myself have gotten more and more expensive since Gary bought me. I was quite a deal for $250, if I do say so myself. And the fact that I can talk, well heck, that makes me PRICELESS!!! Many thanks to Gary for finding me and saving my life, to my buddy "Dodge" for towing me everywhere I've needed to go, and for all the great things that have come my way since I've been living here. And a special thank you to all of my blog readers who have suffered through my endless babbling, yet keep on coming back for more. You're AWESOME!!!

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