Sunday, December 11, 2016

Random Pics From Sebastian Inlet State Park

We spent 7 glorious days at Sebastian Inlet State Park during the first week of December. I tried my best to blog from there on several occasions, but I just couldn't get the photos to download in a timely fashion. Once we got home, Gary hadn't downloaded the pics from his camera yet, so I had to wait to get them so they could be included. Three days later, I've finally got everything I need to create this post. Let me start off by saying that we LOVE Sebastian Inlet. It's our favorite coastal park in either Florida or Georgia. I'm sure you can tell by the pictures how pretty it is. This was our fourth visit, and our third consecutive stay in campsite 36, our favorite in "Sebby" as I like to call the park. Hurricane Matthew left it's mark on "Sebby", but luckily the damage wasn't too bad. In our campsite, a couple of the smaller trees at the back were uprooted. Thankfully, the cute little oak tree where the squirrels like to hang out was not damaged. Elsewhere in the park, the tip of the longest jetty was damaged and remains blocked off to fishermen. There was no other apparent damage within the park that we could see. Pesky no-see-ums attempted to bite my buddy Gary, but he came equipped with enough bug repellent to keep them away. This is the first time ever that they have been an issue at all during our visits, although some people have said that they are a constant problem at the park. There are an abundance of squirrels at "Sebby", and Gary kept me supplied with peanuts so I could feed them every day. I spent more time enjoying the company of my bushy-tailed little friends than I did watching TV, and that's VERY unusual. As for Gary, he spent more than half of our stay traveling around to antique stores from Melbourne all the way down to Ft. Pierce. He found some cool stuff, and met some new friends. Most of the time, it was well after dark by the time he came back to the campground. He's a shopaholic! The times that he was at the park, he really enjoyed hanging out with me, taking pics, and exploring. The campground is going to expand with the creation of 9 new campsites that are currently under construction. They will no doubt be done by the next time we visit. On our last morning at the park, Ron Jon Surf Shop was doing a photo shoot on the beach. That happened during one of our other visits too. They must love "Sebby" as much as we do. If fishing, boating, swimming, or surfing is your thing, then "Sebby" is your kind of place. We don't do any of those things, but it is an equally great place to camp, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views. It's just plain GREAT, no matter what your interests may be. Squirrel pics are coming next, so stay tuned!

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