Monday, June 26, 2017

Poppy's Pirouette

With indoor space growing more and more valuable around here, it was time to make some changes inside the garage. I'm sort of "grandfathered" in, so I was obviously not going to lose my spot. The non-running '71 Dodge Dart and the engineless '65 Dodge van in the back of the garage were going to be too difficult to move. So, by process of elimination, my little sister Poppy was elected to lose her spot. She's been sitting right next to me since she arrived here at the Green Acres Garage over three years ago. Getting her turned around and headed towards the front door of the garage looked like as much of an issue to me as moving the old car or van would have been. But Gary had a plan and the right tools for the job, and along with Poppy's cooperation, she was ready to head to her new home within a matter of minutes. To begin, Gary jacked up both sides of Poppy with a floor jack, and put a Harbor Freight wheel dolly under each of her tires. Then, he used his Harbor Freight transmission jack to lift Poppy's tongue. Next, I was hitched up to my buddy Dodge and moved far enough out in the yard to not be in the way. With plenty of room to do her thing, Poppy performed the perfect pirouette, spinning around almost effortlessly in the space that the two of us used to occupy. She was then hitched to Casper the cargo van, and the transmission jack and wheel dollies were removed. And just like that, Poppy was headed out the door of her former home, and heading towards her new home in the Green Acres Carport. We said our goodbyes as she passed by me out in the yard. Well actually, I said goodbye and she just listened. Poppy isn't a "talking" travel trailer like I am. That's a VERY rare thing, and I am one in a million to be gifted with the ability to actually talk. I'm sure that Gary is sometimes not too thrilled that I have that talent. Anyway, Casper delivered Poppy to the carport, and Gary used his Harbor Freight trailer dolly to maneuver her into place behind his two other vans, Max and Connie. She fits perfectly, and I think she will like the view and the fresh air. I got to spend one night under the carport recently, and I really enjoyed it. Right now, there's nothing but empty space between me and the side garage door. Shelves will soon occupy Poppy's old spot. Helen the Husqvarna is the only girl that remains inside the Green Acres Garage. And as for me...well, I'm definitely going to miss my cute little sister.

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