Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SERENA!!!, and oh yeah, Jeff, Gail, & Maggie Too

As you know, I had a bath on Sunday, and now Monday was finally here. I had been looking forward to this day for months, a year to be exact, to once again see my girlfriend Serena. She was on her way here from Ohio, and like the typical female, she was making me wait. I was still locked up in the garage. Gary wouldn't even open the garage door so I could see her pull into the yard. How cruel is THAT??? Finally, around 5:30, she arrived. I couldn't see her, but I just KNEW she was here. Minutes later, Gary came out to the garage to get me. I was still hitched up to the van from the previous night, so no time was wasted with that. Out of the garage we went, and into the front yard next to the driveway. And there she was, that vision of loveliness, the sweetest little Serro Scotty EVER, my darling Serena. She looked INCREDIBLE, and we shared glances as we waited for our owners to go do something other than hang out around us. Awhile later, Serena's owners Jeff and Gail took Gary out to eat. Their dog Maggie got to hang out in the house, leaving Serena and I some time alone. The e-mails we shared in the past year were terrific, but nothing capares with actually being with someone you love. We had a couple of hours together before our owners returned. I cherished every minute. We spent the rainy night together, whispering sweet nothings to each other as our owners slept comfortably inside of us. The normally long night went by in what seemed like no more than the blink of an eye. The morning brought the sad reality that our time together was quickly drawing to a close. Our owners posed for some pictures with us, and before long, Serena was hitched up for the ride to her next destination. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I'm not at all sure when we will see each other again, but we will forever be in each other's hearts. Goodbye, my love.

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