Friday, February 17, 2012

"Dramping" in St.Petersburg

By now, all of you that read my blog know how much I like to travel and camp. There's one exception to the rule, and that's having to go to Gary's house in St.Petersburg. I guess I don't like going because Gary hates going there so much. But, we all have to do things we don't like, and Gary needs me to be his home away from home when he's there. I wonder sometimes how the heck he ever survived without me? As usual before going on a journey, Gary doesn't sleep much if any at all. This was another one of those times. So, we headed out in the middle of the night, and stopped at a rest stop along the way for a few hour's sleep. That's me at the rest stop in the first photo. It was pretty nice, and they had an area for large trucks and an area for little trailers like me. Those big trucks are NOISY, and since we weren't close to them, sleeping was MUCH easier. We headed towards St.Petersburg not long after sunrise, and arrived before noon. It was an uneventful trip, and we've been there so many times now, that I know the roads very well. Once there, Gary set me up on the driveway under that HUGE triple-trunk oak tree. That thing is big-time scary, but Gary always assures me that I won't be crushed by it. I've told you before about Gary's oddball variety of camping names like yamping (yard camping) or gamping (garage camping). He came up with a new one this time: dramping (driveway camping). I gotta love the guy, even though I don't think he's rowing with both oars all the time. Anyway, we spent 5 nights and 6 days there. Gary worked hard on the house, making repairs, changing locks, and LOTS of cleaning. He welcomed a new tenant to the place on our last day there, and then it was time to go. Leaving there is always our favorite part of the trip, and coming back home to beautiful St.Augustine is the icing on the cake. We spent the night yamping in the front yard, and now I'm back in my house with my trailer brothers Scotty and Henry. As he has done all this year, Gary is still spending every night in the comforts of my comfy front bed. I have four beds in me, you know. He likes the front one because it's the biggest one and the closest one to the TV. It looks like there won't be any more trips for at least a month. Gary is still thrashing away on his projects here at home. All is well in the Green Acres Garage, and both Gary and I are thrilled to know we don't have to go back to the dreaded St.Petersburg area for awhile. Hooray for that!

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