Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue Spring State Park, Part 1

There was lots of activity going on here last Wednesday that involved little old me. Gary was loading camping stuff into the van, and then I got hitched up and my lights checked. A camping trip was apparently going to happen, but to where? On Thursday morning, we left the Green Acres Garage and headed 85 miles south to Blue Spring State Park. We had never been there before. It was well worth the relatively short drive. Gary had booked campsite number 10 for us, and I knew as soon as we pulled in that we were going to like this place. The wooded campsites were pretty and roomy. Not long after getting me set up, Gary was heading to the restroom when he saw this highly unusual little car coming down the road. The car stopped at the restroom, and Gary talked with the owners (Bob and Jen from Wisconsin) about it. The car is a Nissan Figaro. It was made in 1991, one of only 20,000 built, and one of only five known to be inside the United States. This particular car was once owned by actress Rose McGowan. In talking with Bob and Jen, Gary found out they had wanted to camp in their tent at Blue Spring, but the campground was full. Since Gary is a gearhead, he had an immediate bond with Bob & Jen, and asked them if they would like to pitch their tent at our campsite if the park would allow it. They were thrilled. The park had no problem with us sharing a site, and Bob and Jen and their little Figaro moved in. The picnic table was moved to my left side, and the tent was set up right next to my door. Bob and Jen were SOOOOOOO nice. They own a fleet of cars and a van that ironically is named "Toaster". How about THAT? It was fun to have company. After setting up their tent, Bob and Jen headed out to do some shopping, and Gary went out to explore the park. Bob and Jen and Gary went down to the spring on Thursday night to watch the abundance of fireflies that are seen for a limited time in the area. Most of the fireflies hang out by the spring, but a few were in the campground area too. I had never seen them before. That was REALLY cool. We were all tired and turned in fairly early. We sure had fun on our first day at Blue Spring.

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