Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue Spring State Park, Part 2

Day two at Blue Spring, and everyone was up early. Bob went out in search of coffee for himself and Jen. Gary went out for ice and breakfast. With their missions accomplished, Bob and Gary returned. Bob and Jen wanted to rent a kayak and do some sightseeing on the river before the crowds got heavy, and Gary was planning to take the 10AM river tour on the cruise boat. The three of them left, and me, the tent, and the Nissan Figaro held down the fort. I don't think there was a single person passing by our campsite that didn't stop and look at the Figaro. That little car is a real people magnet. In the early part of the afternoon, Bob and Jen returned and went out for awhile in the Figaro. Gary returned too, and headed out for some antique shopping in town. Later in the day, everyone returned, had some dinner, and hung out and talked. Jen spotted a turtle near the restrooms, and took a picture of Gary with it. Those turtles can live to be REALLY old, but I'll bet Gary still has a few years on him (HA-HA!!!). Everybody was tired from a long and active day, so bedtime came early. This would be our last night with Bob and Jen. On Saturday morning, they would be heading to Winter Park (near Orlando) for a car rally and to meet up with another Figaro owner. Gary would be heading to Daytona for the spring car show at the speedway. As for me, it would be an exceptionally quiet day. No Gary, no Bob, no Jen, no tent, no Figaro, and nobody stopping by to oogle over that cute little car. It would prove to be a good day to hang out and enjoy the campground. It ended up raining on Saturday afternoon, but it was over by the time Gary got back. Gary watched some videos on Saturday night, and we packed up and headed back to St.Augustine on Sunday morning. This was probably our last actual camping trip until the fall, but Gary continues to sleep in me every night in the garage. I know with the ever increasing heat and humidity, that those days will no doubt end soon as well. But no complaints from me. We have been a lot of places since the weather got cooler last October, and Gary has spent more time with me than ever. I'm a happy little Serro Scotty. I'll keep you posted if and when things happen around here, so stay tuned.

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