Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bye, Bye Henry The Hilander

Gary bought Henry The Hilander last summer via an auction on eBay. The previous owner had begun a frame-up rebuild of him, but lost interest along the way, and decided to sell him. He was LOADED with parts from both himself and another Scotty, and that was the appeal for Gary. Unfortunately, the majority of Henry's skin was trashed, and he had gotten wet from sitting partially uncovered. All of his thin roofing wood was warped and splintered. His sides were good, and Gary will re-purpose them for other projects. Henry has been a storage shed on wheels since he arrived. Now that Gary has created a space for all of the spare parts elsewhere, Henry was just sitting here taking up space. Gary has decided to make a utility trailer out of him. It only took a couple of hours for the teardown to be completed, and that was including pauses to take pictures. The roof came off first, then the sides, then the hardwood flooring that the previous owner spent good money to install. The plywood underneath the hardwood floor is still good, so Gary is planning to fill in the drop-down floor area, and will put a coat of pressure treated plywood over the whole thing. Not sure what he has planned for wheelwells or sides yet, but he will come up with something. He always does! I'm the only Serro Scotty left standing in the Green Acres Garage. My little brother Chip, then my brother Scotty, and now my brother Henry are all just frames now. I guess I have job security, because I'm the only camper that Gary has left. When it comes to camping, I'm MORE than happy to fill the void that my brothers can no longer handle. I can't wait to get my new axle (hint-hint) and hit the road this fall. Who knows? We may be coming to a town near you!

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