Saturday, September 1, 2012

LIVE, From Lake Griffin State Park, It's Toaster And Gary!!

Hi Everybody. For the very first time, I'm blogging LIVE from the road. This modern technology is AMAZING!!! Gary and I are spending three days here at Lake Griffin State Park. We have campsite #5 which is mostly shady, but it's still 90 degrees and the humidity is VERY high. We were here for three days at the beginning of the year. We had campsite #6 last time. It was a little bigger than the one we have now, but there is very little shade. We'll take all we can get on a day like this. Needless to say, Gary brought along the air conditioner. It's nice and cold in me, just the way Gary likes it. I don't think he's going to be spending much time hanging around outside on this trip, at least not here at the campground. He has a couple of places to go over the next two days that will keep him out in the hot sun, but I'll be here with the A/C blasting, waiting for him to return. It's been 5 months since we were on a REAL camping trip, and I have REALLY missed it. Gary camped with me inside the garage when the weather was cooler, but there's nothing like the sights and smells of being in a campground. The fresh air and the sunshine feel good to me, even though Gary isn't a big fan of either. The flamingos came along with us this time. Like me, they wanted to get out of the garage for awhile. I always liked flamingos until Gary told me how stinky they are. Did you know they stink? To keep cool, they pee on their legs. YUCK-O!! That is NASTY!! I'm glad they're riding in the van with Gary and not with me. I sure hope they pee somewhere else rather than close to me. That's DISGUSTING!! It's great to have this laptop computer and cellphone with mobile hotspot so we can keep in touch more often. Just makes camping a whole lot more fun. I hope you all have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. This is Toaster, over and out.

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