Saturday, July 27, 2013

Joni Gets The Power, And I'm In The Dark

For Gary, it's been a busy week here in the Green Acres Garage. For me...not so much. As usual, I just sit here and take it easy, and watch my beloved owner run around like a chicken with his head cut off. On Monday, Gary finally got all of Joni's rear lights working. This was quite a monumental task. All of her 12-volt wiring had been cut, and Gary had to figure it all out. He has more patience than me, that's for sure. Joni looks good with her REAL lights working, and not just those hokey taped-on trailer lights that somebody attached to her bumper. Tuesday, Gary had a doctor's appointment mid-day, so that pretty much ruined any momentum he had going. He spent the afternoon doing the necessary things like washing clothes and housecleaning. Wednesday, he was up and running very early. He had to go to a lab for blood work, and he was there by 7AM. He followed that up by doing some shopping, including a trip to Tractor Supply for a couple of bolts he needed for Joni. As it turned out, that simple trip for two bolts ended up being MUCH more. Gary came home with twelve 5-drawer hardware cabinets. Tractor Supply had remodeled their hardware aisle, and was selling their old cabinets. He HAD to have them! Since Gary has an abundance of hardware that he keeps in storage totes and cardboard boxes, these cabinets will be the greatest thing ever for organizing everything in the way that he's always wanted it. Tractor Supply had left the cabinets out in the rain for a day or two, so part of Thursday was spent getting them dried out and cleaned up. Then he wondered where the heck he was going to put them. As you can see, they take up a serious amount of space. He then began to empty off one of the big garage shelves and the floor beneath it. The shelf will get removed, a base for the hardware cabinets to sit on will be built, and they will occupy the now empty space. Where did all the stuff go that got removed from the shelf and floor you ask? A good amount of it is piled up in front of me. I'm not too thrilled with this, but what can I do? I'm stuck back here in the back of the garage, and whatever happens, happens. On Friday, Gary began the process of moving the electrical outlet that would soon be blocked by the new location of the storage cabinets. He HATES electrical work almost as much as he hates plumbing, so I knew this day I would hear a variety of swear words and have to deal with a VERY grumpy owner. The main breakers were turned off to the garage, so I had no power for a few hours. I couldn't watch "Judge Judy" or "Peoples Court" like I usually do, but I was NOT going to complain. Gary was not in a mood to get a bunch of grief from me. I sat quietly and watched, and things went rather smoothly. It took a long time, and Gary had to go to Useless Depot for some parts, but he got the electrical outlet relocated about twelve feet to the right of where it was. I finally got my power back on, and all was well. And now it's Saturday, and I'm writing this while I await the arrival of Gary for another day's work. The plan is for him to build the base for the storage cabinets, and hopefully get them moved. The yard needs mowing too, but the cabinets are blocking Helen the Husqvarna from leaving the garage. First things first. We'll see how today goes, and I'll check in with you fine folks as soon as I can. Stay cool.

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