Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Reward

Well, I've been patient and I've been good, and Gary has rewarded me by taking me camping once again. It seems like it's been forever since I've been out of the garage. In reality, it's only been about six weeks. Still, it's been a LONG six weeks. We are back at the Puc Puggy Campground at Paynes Prairie Preserve, our FAVORITE Florida State Park. We usually stay in campsite number 18 or 42, but they were both taken when Gary made our reservation. So, even though we've stayed here a bunch of times, we are in a new-to-us campsite, number 38. Like most all of the campsites here, it's a very nice one. Heck, I wanted to go camping so badly, I wouldn't care if our campsite was right next to the dumpster! There are a bunch of Airstreams here this time. Their club had a get-together here over the weekend, and at least a dozen trailers are still here as I write this on a Sunday night. I fit in with them since I am a bare aluminum Serro Scotty. I could be a distant cousin or something, right? We are going to be here for a full week. Just coincidentally, my birthday is on Wednesday, and Gary couldn't have gotten me a better present than this. I love to camp, and I especially love to camp here. Later in the week, I've heard we'll be joined by some of our friends. That will make this trip even more special than usual. I'm REALLY looking forward to that! Gary spent most of the day here with me. He only wandered away for an hour or so to take a few pictures by Lake Wauberg which borders the park. It was a picture perfect day here with plenty of sun and not a cloud in the sky. As usual, he's planning to go antique shopping tomorrow. I'll be by myself, but that's okay. I've got peanuts to feed the squirrels, and it's supposed to be another BEAUTIFUL day. Life is not only good, it's GREAT!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the adventures of Toaster. I think we saw you at Ochlockonee River State Park last year. I wish I could gather up all the abandoned vintage TT's and turn them into a village or get them on the road again. lizzie

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lizzie. Yes, we were at Ochlockonee River last year. We LOVE the white squirrels there. Gary is doing his share to gather up and restore old travel trailers. There are 7 here counting me. I'm the lucky one that got fixed first. Happy travels!