Monday, February 3, 2014

Now That's Better

As predicted during my last post, Gary didn't need any nagging from me to get those kitchen cabinets put away. They got all lined up under the new loft he just built in the back of the garage. They look much better back there than they did all piled up in front of me. I can see the garage door again, and when it's up, I can see outside. I haven't been out of the garage yet, but I know now that I can escape if I need to. That's reassuring. My buddy "Dodge" the van has been sleeping in the garage with me at night. He's happy to have his space back. I've been alone a lot during the days. Oh sure, I've got my pets and the TV to keep me company, but Gary hasn't been here much. The estate house that he got the kitchen cabinets from will be torn down soon. The more materials that are salvaged, the less that ends up in the landfill. I'm not sure what he's going to do with all that wood, but he hated to see it go to waste. As you can see, he has brought home a BIG amount of baseboard, door and window trim, etc. Before getting started on the trim salvage, he removed all the tongue and groove flooring in one of the bedrooms in the house. He had bought the flooring during the estate auction. It's some nice looking stuff, and he has plans to use it inside our house. He also salvaged the two vintage medicine cabinets that you can see in one of the pictures. Gary finished up "operation salvage" this past weekend. As the time gets closer to the house being torn down, he still has to remove some of the windows from the place and bring them home. I think he's going to store them up in the new loft. As long as they're not piled up in front of me, I'll be happy. In less than two weeks, we're going camping. So, I'm pretty sure that the space in front of me will remain empty, except when "Dodge" is sleeping there. I certainly HOPE so! Thanks for checking in, and come back soon.

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