Friday, June 6, 2014

A Little More Progress

Even though Gary was busy with other projects this week, he still managed to gather up some parts for me in his spare time. He got my door frame back from the welding shop, and it's all in one piece again. YAY!!! Mid-week, he made a trip to Ocala to pick up some odds and ends for various jobs. Much to my surprise, he came home with the bigger screen door you see in the first picture. The small screen door is mine, but it will need to be modified to have access to the new lock and deadbolt that's going to be installed in my new door. The large black slide, stationary aluminum panel, and the tracks that they fit into will replace the smaller versions in my old screen door. Once all of those are in place, new screening will be installed. The tracks will need to be cut down to fit my smaller door, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. Where there's a will, there's a way, and Gary has definitely got the will. The welding shop did a good job with my poor old frame. They repaired all four corners and the large split along the top edge. It's good and strong now. While at the welding shop who also happens to sell various kinds of metal, Gary got a piece of 1/4" thick angle aluminum to repair my damaged wall. Also this week, the thick aluminum panels that will serve as the coverings for the interior and exterior of my new door got picked up. That's some pretty metal! All the new bare wood that was installed last week on me, got sprayed with another coat of rubberized undercoating. While Gary was under me, he touched up various areas that had the undercoating scraped off. My undersides have passed over a lot of miles of roads over the years, and a few scratches and scrapes are inevitable. I look factory fresh under there now. So, I'm hoping that a lot more progress will be made soon, now that all of the parts and pieces needed for the job are here. We will see.

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