Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Update

Hey there! Happy Sunday to all my friends and fans. Here's a few pics of the latest improvements to me since I last reported in. While we await the return of my door frame from the welding shop, there were/are a bunch of things that need to be done before the door frame can be reattached. The first order of business was stripping the remaining aqua and white paint from around my door opening. Job done. I'm all silver now. And then, Gary removed the metal edge trim that was attached to what was left of the wooden facing under my door. There was just enough of the wooden facing left to hold the screws that held on the metal edge trim, but neither Gary or I could figure out how that was possible. It was REALLY rotted. Gary cut a new piece to replace it, and removed the two sheet metal pieces on either side of my drop-down floor to have access to screw it into place. On a happy note, my plywood sides (as you can see under the lifted up piece of my siding), is in GREAT shape. No rot or water damage at all. Gary attached a fresh piece of 1x2 under my door opening (not shown), and then attached the new wooden facing he had made. Also not shown is the two coats of rubberized spray undercoating that was sprayed onto the fresh wood to protect it from the elements. Spraying that stuff on is a MESSY job, and holding a camera afterwards to take pics is NOT too healthy for the camera. Gary went to a lot of trouble to build a temporary door for me, but it hasn't been used as yet. The door needs a hinge to attach it to, and the hinge is attached to the frame which is at the welding shop. No worries though. My brother "Scotty" wasn't using his door, so I borrowed it until I get my frame back. And so my friends, that's the latest news from here. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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