Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I've Been Framed!

Hello, my friends. It's been awhile since I posted, but there hasn't been much going on with me to tell you about. Gary has been concentrating on house repair projects instead of me, and that's perfectly understandable. We won't be going camping anytime soon, so there's no rush for me to be road ready. I know he will work on me when he can or when he feels like it. Today was one of those days that he decided to spend some time with me, and I was REALLY surprised and happy to see him. He had painted a wall in the house, and instead of literally watching paint dry, he came out to the garage to work on me. WOO-HOO!!! What was the project of the day, you ask? Well, as you know, my door frame came back from the welding shop a couple of weeks ago, and today was the day for it to be reinstalled. Gary has been dreading this job, but it actually went more smoothly than he imagined. There wasn't one time that I heard those familiar swear words that I often do when things don't go as planned. Three quarters of the door frame fit well, but the area where the damage had occurred from my little "accident" took some patience to get right. Gary used long machine screws and wing nuts to draw the warped and multi-piece plywood in the upper left hand corner of the frame into place. The angle aluminum that I thought was going to be a permanent part of me, was used as only a temporary support. It was removed, and in it's place, Gary used something called t-nut fasteners. There's a picture of one in Gary's hand if you don't know what they look like. I had never heard of them, but Gary told me he has used them for other projects. Once the long machine screws had drawn the plywood into close proximity of the door frame, three-quarter inch machine screws were placed through the door frame, through the plywood, and into the t-nut fasteners that Gary had pounded into the plywood on the inside of me. They have little "teeth" on them that grip into the plywood. One by one, the long machine screws were replaced by the shorter versions and the t-nut fasteners. The door frame was now in place, and a line of ten t-nut fasteners now fill the holes where the ripped out screws that once held my door frame used to be. What a great repair, and the t-nuts won't interfere with the placement of my re-worked upper cabinet, whenever Gary gets around to that part of this lengthy project. Anyway, Gary re-hung my original door, and as you can see, there is no longer a wide gap at the top like there was before the repairs were made. I am impressed! The last thing done today was cleaning and polishing the eyebrow that goes over my door. That will be installed later. I'll still be getting a new door, a re-worked screen door, a new entry lock, and a deadbolt. And whenever that happens, you'll be reading about it right here. I hope I didn't bore you with all the details, but you know by now that I'm a long-winded little trailer. As always, thanks for checking in.

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