Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Biscuits Of A Different Kind

It was a fun day here at the Green Acres Garage. Gary ditched his plans to work on the "new" van, and spent a couple of hours working on me instead. COOL!!! I got to watch him use a tool that I have never seen or heard of before, something called a biscuit joiner. I've heard of biscuits and gravy before, but I quickly learned that a biscuit joiner has nothing at all to do with food. I don't know the specifics, but somehow, the tool makes rounded cuts into wood, and then little wooden biscuits and wood glue is used to attach two or more pieces of wood together. The biscuits look like flat little wooden footballs, not at all like the tasty breakfast treat that Gary often eats on camping trips. The whole process is far more complicated than I can understand, but Gary seemed to know how the tool worked and how to use the biscuits, even though this was the first time he has used it. He made all of the cuts in the ends of the pieces for my kitchen cabinets, then dry fitted (no wood glue) the pieces together to make sure the cuts were correct. I didn't hear him complaining, so I guess all the pieces fit together like they were supposed to. He could have glued everything together today and been done with it, but the new end pieces he made recently for my upper kitchen cabinet need to be sanded and re-painted. There's always something to do. So, I'll pray for rain in the days ahead, as that is the only thing that will get Gary away from the van work on the driveway, and back into the garage to work on me. I think I hear thunder right now!

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