Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Latest Member Of "The Dodge Gang"

It seems like all I've been talking about lately is Dodge vans, and this post will be no exception to the rule. Meet the latest member of the "The Dodge Gang". This is "Snail", a 2003 model, and the newest of the vans here at the Green Acres Garage. I don't think that Gary is too thrilled with my choice of names for it. I call him "Snail" because he is a cargo van, as in escargot (cooked snails). Get it? I thought it was pretty clever, but Gary just rolled his eyes and walked away when he heard me say it. Anyway, Gary didn't break his vow to not bring home another vehicle that needs a lot of work or doesn't run this time. "Snail" runs good, has ice cold air conditioning, and seems to be mechanically sound. This van will be an EXCELLENT back-up tow vehicle to my best friend "Dodge", our loyal and trustworthy 1992 Dodge conversion van that has towed me all over the United States. I'm sure that there will be some cleaning and tweaking to be done to "Snail", but unlike the 1995 Dodge conversion van that Gary brought home a few weeks ago, this one needs nothing major done to it at all. It has it's share of dings and dents, but overall it looks very nice. As far as my old buddy "Dodge" goes, here's an update since the last time I posted. He went to the local tire shop yesterday, and got a brand new set of Cooper HT3 tires, and a front end alignment. I LOVE the aroma of fresh rubber, and "Dodge's" new tires make the garage smell WONDERFUL! Next up for him will be a complete rear brake job, and then he will be ready for our upcoming camping season. Even though he's almost 23 years old and has 230,000 miles on him, Gary and I feel totally confident that he will take us anywhere we want to go, and will get us back home without any issues. He's never let us down. He's an AWESOME van!!! As we near the end of another incredibly hot August, I'm looking forward to the work that Gary plans to do to me in September. I'm still a mess at the moment, but I know I'll be looking better than ever when we hit the road in October. For now, I'll let Gary play with his collection of vans, and I'll be content to be my lazy, TV-watching self. That's something I am VERY good at!

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