Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There's A New Dodge In Town

Once again, the work being done on me has been set aside in favor of other projects. There's no use in me complaining. I know my time will come. I'll practice the art of being patient, and will fill my days watching People's Court and Judge Judy. Speaking of projects, Gary SWORE that he wouldn't bring home any other things that needed to be fixed, but now there's another one sitting on our driveway. UGH!!! Sharing the driveway with my older sisters Jackie and Caroline, is a massively large looking 1995 Dodge Conversion Van that unfortunately doesn't currently run. Gary says that it obviously needs a new timing chain, so that's where the repairs to it will begin. Gary bought it from a guy on Craigslist. He got a GREAT deal on it, and I'll have to admit that it's growing on me. It will never replace my best friend "Dodge", our trusty 1992 van that has towed me all over the country. But, if and when it's in running shape, it will be the perfect back-up tow vehicle. It is a wheelchair lift van, and it has extra seats in the back of it. All of that will be removed, and it will be transformed into a hauling van like "Dodge" is. I have no idea how long it's going to take Gary to get the van running. If he gets sidetracked as often as he has while working on me, it may take a LONG time. That's the latest news. Just thought I'd check in and say "Hi" since I have all this free time on my hands. I'll catch you later!


  1. Toaster is it even possible for you to be better looking?? We can't wait to see you and Gary too...lol

  2. Aww....you're so sweet! I'm pretty torn up right now, but hopefully Gary will get me back together before we hit the highway in October. I'll keep you posted!