Monday, February 9, 2015

Florida Caverns Revisited

The last time we were here at Florida Caverns was in December of 2011. We had a disappointing campsite then, but the one we are in this time is considerably better. It's fairly large, and has a BEAUTFUL swamp directly behind it (ha-ha-ha). It's not exactly as pretty and scenic as our previous two stops on this round of our camping season, but it serves the purpose. One of the campground hosts has a Scotty Hilander. That's a very unusual thing to see a camp host living in. Gary checked it out. It's a 1972 model like me, but it was made in Irwin Pennsylvania. I was thinking that maybe it was a long lost sister or brother of mine from the Ashburn Georgia Scotty factory, but I was wrong. As usual, Gary spent a full day antique shopping. This time, he went all the way to Dothan, Alabama. It wasn't as far away as it sounds. The main attraction here at Florida Caverns is the caverns themselves. Although Gary had gone on the tour on our last visit, he decided to go again. He was part of a large group. Somehow, he managed to avoid getting other people in most of his shots. It looks very interesting in there from the pictures, but all of those tight spaces and low ceilings would give me the creeps. Gary tells me there are tiny little bats in the caverns as well, and although I like most critters, bats would not be on my top ten of favorites. There's a nice gift shop and museum here too. I've been plenty happy just hanging out at our campsite. There's a lot of squirrels here, but I don't have any peanuts to feed them, so I've just been watching them running around. It rained the day before we got here, and our campsite was a little water saturated in places. Other campsites here faired far worse. It's been sunny ever since, and things have dried out very nicely. All things considered, this was my least favorite of the three state parks we camped at on this trip. I think Gary would agree. The other two were REALLY nice. We had that beautiful waterfront campsite at Three Rivers, and a view of the bayou at Rocky Bayou. I guess I got spoiled. The swamp isn't exactly my idea of beautiful scenery. Oh well. We head home from here, regroup, and head out again in a few days. If not before, I'll check in from wherever we end up at next time. More soon!

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