Monday, February 16, 2015

O'Leno State Park: Our Third Visit

When Gary was telling me about our camping plans for the winter of 2015, there was no mention of camping anywhere in the month of February after our return from Florida Caverns. I think he was planning on staying home for the remainder of the month to get some work done around the house. Even though we still have plenty of camping left in March and April, I just didn't want for February to pass us by without going out at least once. After all, Gary and I both celebrate our birthdays in February, and what fun is it celebrating at home? I whined for awhile, and Gary finally gave in and booked a five night stay at O'Leno State Park in High Springs, FL. He didn't want to travel too far from home, and this park is only about a hundred miles away. We've been here before, but it's been almost two years since our last visit. Of the three times we've been here, our current campsite is the best one we have been in. It's spacious and partially shaded, and has a nice wooden fence around it. The restroom is directly across the street. There isn't a lot of privacy, but at least our neighbors are far enough away that we can't reach out and touch them. We weren't thrilled with this park on our first visit, but it grew on us the second time. We like it even better now. Having a good campsite makes a LOT of difference. We are in campsite #5, and we highly recommend it. This is round #7 of our 10 round camping season, and this will be the shortest time we will be away from home. We typically go to more than one park while we're out, but this is a "one and done" trip. At least Gary and I are going to spend our birthdays doing something we love. Gary seems to be happy that I talked him into this trip, and I'm going to be on my best behavior so there's no regrets. Rain or shine, we're going to have a TERRIFIC week. I just KNOW it!

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