Monday, October 5, 2015

The Fall Camping Season Begins

The long hot summer is over, and the fall camping season is finally here. Dodge and Gary and I have left the Green Acres Garage behind for awhile, and headed into Georgia in the early hours of this October day. We stopped for a couple of hours of sleep at the Georgia Visitor's Center in St. Marys, just barely over the Florida/Georgia line. There were a lot of big rigs there, and due to the excessive noise, there wasn't much sleep going on. We left home during the night in dry conditions, but the morning was overcast with misty rain. Although the rain wasn't good, at least the temperatures are. We are definitely enjoying the low to mid 60's after the miserable summer we had to endure. Weather wise, things didn't improve as he headed to our first actual campground, Beaver Run RV Park in Metter, GA. Like all the places we are going to this year, this is the first time we have ever camped here. The park looked nice on the website, and we are not at all disappointed. We are nestled in under tall pine trees among the many much larger and newer travel trailers and motor homes. The staff here have been very friendly and helpful. Gary was offered some fresh, hot baked cookies when we arrived (as are all the guests here), but he turned them down because he's trying very hard to stick to his diet. Just when I thought he would forget about his diet on this trip, he surprised me once again. Good for him! The rain stopped after awhile, and Gary got out to take a few pictures. I've included a few of them here so you'll have an idea of what the park is like. There's cable TV, so I'm having fun watching some shows I can't see at home. Gary tells me the restrooms are immaculately clean, not that I care, but that's something he enjoys. There's a good sized lake, a couple of tiny cabins, a recreation hall (not pictured) and much more. Gary and I enjoy re-purposing things, so we like that they have used old truck wheel rims as fire rings. That's pretty clever. Road noise from Interstate 16 is highly noticeable when you're outside like I am, but Gary hasn't complained about it at all when he's been inside. Overall, Beaver Run is very well kept, and we would highly recommend it. We are going to come back here on our way back home in a couple of weeks. Next time, we are staying here for three nights instead of just one like we're doing this time. There are lots of antique stores from Metter all the way down to Douglas that Gary has been to before and would like to see again. Our three night stay will allow him the time to do that. Tomorrow, we head further north to Watson Mill Bridge State Park in Comer, GA. for a three night stay. If we have an internet connection, I will blog from there. The fun has just begun, so check back often for updates as we travel through parts of Georgia and Tennessee. Happy Camping!

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