Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Boys Are Back In Town

I am EXTREMELY happy to report that my best buddies, Gary and Dodge, have returned home from their trip to Georgia with Henry in tow. Everything went well for them during the 1000 mile trip. All of the items they carried to Georgia got delivered, and they returned with a load of rusty sheet metal that once served as the roof on an old farm house. Gary will use the metal for a project here at home. The boys camped at F.D. Roosevelt State Park for two nights, and Reed Bingham State Park for four nights. Gary remembered to take everything he needed except for a good source of light. He ended up buying a cool little red (my favorite color) LED Coleman lantern. It worked very well, and we will take it with us the next time we all go camping together. It actually worked better than the electric light that we normally take, and the portability of it is an added benefit. I wasn't forgotten during the trip. Gary brought me back a replica of a vintage advertising sign for Squirrel Brand Salted Peanuts, and also a squirrel nutcracker. My regular readers know how much I love squirrels and anything squirrel related. Both items are REALLY cool. As I sat here alone for the week that the boys were gone, I was picturing Gary sleeping comfortably inside Dodge. In reality, he wasn't comfortable at all. He was cramped with all of the stuff that needed to be carried inside the van. He came home with a sore back and needing to catch up on all the sleep he missed during the six nights on the road. He is MUCH happier now. Dodge got unloaded from the trip, and all of that rusty sheet metal got removed from Henry. Gary had put my tires on Henry for the trip, so today the swap was made and I got them back. They were pretty dirty, so a good cleaning was necessary before they went back on me. As much as I hate the "Toaster Tipping Game", it's unfortunately a requirement in order to get those big tires inside my tiny wheel well cutouts. It's always a real problem to get my tires on or off. Once my tires were re-installed and I had both of them firmly back on the ground, Dodge joined me here in the garage. It's SO great that Gary and Dodge and I are all here together, and I hope they never have to leave me behind again. Welcome home, boys!

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