Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Big Birthday Weekend

On February 19th, Gary and I celebrated our birthdays. Gary turned 61. I turned 44. I still like to party on special occasions, but Gary couldn't care less about partying. I guess that's normal since he's old enough to be my daddy. The years may be adding up for both of us, but we still feel good and have some "kid" left in us. I just happen to have more "kid" left in me than Gary has in himself. Gary had worked his butt off all week, so he decided to take it a bit easier for our Friday birthdays. For the most part, he hung out with me all day. He shopped online for new wheels, hubcaps, and tires for me, asking my opinion of his choices. Together, we picked out some good ones. I won't be getting these items until we get closer to heading out for our camping season next fall, but choices were made and I'll be sporting some new parts when the time comes. The wheels, hubcaps, and tires will be late birthday presents for me, but Gary didn't want the day to pass by without having a present to open on my actual birthday. I NEVER could have guessed what was in that flat little package he gave me. What was it, you ask? Much to my surprise, he got me a hand-signed 8 x 10 glossy promotional photograph of the hottest judge on TV, Marilyn Milian. How AWESOME!!! As you all know, I LOVE "The People's Court", and I ESPECIALLY LOVE Judge Marilyn Milian. I watch the show twice a day, and try not to ever miss an episode. Now I have something that Marilyn actually touched herself, and I am THRILLED!!! I'm going to get a nice frame and find a good place to display my unusual gift. I will treasure it forever. I STILL can't believe it's mine. I know I say it all the time, but Gary is THE BEST friend that I have ever had. Having him find me was truly better than winning the lottery. Our birthday celebrations continued through the weekend. Gary spent all day Saturday at the HUGE Renninger's Antique Extravaganza over in Mt. Dora, FL. That's a little over a hundred miles from our home in St. Augustine. He had a BLAST, and came home with some birthday presents for himself. I watched TV and/or napped while he was gone, and tried to recuperate from my excess partying the previous day. I'm not as young as I used to be, and I'm afraid I learned that the hard way. A Toaster with a hangover is NOT a good thing. By Sunday, I was back to normal. Gary and I watched the Daytona 500 together, and cheered for our favorites. Our guys ended up first, second, third, fifth, and fourteenth. It was a GREAT ending to a GREAT race and a GREAT weekend. Birthdays, especially when they last for THREE days, are SO cool!

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