Monday, February 1, 2016

They're Camping Without Me

Gary and Dodge are going camping without me. As much as I've dreaded it, I knew this day would come. About three weeks ago, a planned trip to haul some items to and from Gary's sister's farm in Woodbury Georgia was delayed because Dodge wasn't running well at the time. Gary had readied Henry the utility trailer for the trip, including some work on his wheel bearings and the use of two of my tires. Henry has sat in the yard waiting, while Dodge recuperated from his illness. Now the time has come, and my buddies are heading to Georgia without me. This is the first time ever that I have not been included in a trip where camping is involved. The plan is for them to head to F.D. Roosevelt State Park for two nights while the items are being exchanged at the farm in nearby Woodbury. Then, they will head to Reed Bingham State Park a bit further south. Gary is going to a car show in the area. He will be sleeping in Dodge during the entire trip. So, I'll be here with Casper, and missing my best friends BIG TIME. Casper is a nice guy, but I've never felt close to him like I do with Gary and Dodge. I'm going to be lonely for sure. Gary is taking my TV and the computer with him, so there will be no People's Court, Price Is Right, or Let's Make A Deal to look forward to. Heck, I won't even be able to surf the net or shop on eBay. I guess I'll just catch up on my sleep, and try to get to know Casper a little better. He's not much of a conversationalist, so I guess I'm going to be doing most of the talking. As you know, I NEVER shut up. The worst part is going to be late at night when it's dark and scary. That never bothers me with Gary and Dodge here, but it's going to be very different without them. This trip has to be made, so I'm just going to have to deal with it. At least my tires get to go camping, even if the rest of me has to stay home. I hope my buddies have a safe and fun trip, but not too much fun. The last thing I need is for them to enjoy camping without me. Sorry for the poor, poor, pitiful me post. I'm just feeling a bit down at the moment. Brighter days will come, and hopefully I'll have something more cheerful to post about next time. Until then, Happy February, y'all.

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