Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Little RAE Of Sunshine

Gary has been friends with a young lady named Rae for a number of years, but I had not met her until a few days ago. She lives here in town, and came by to pick up a few pieces of firewood that Gary had cut and stacked on the driveway. Rae is a vintage trailer buff, so she naturally wanted to see Gary's collection of Serro Scotty trailers here at Green Acres. Mostly, she wanted to meet me. The feeling was mutual. Although I didn't look my best because I've been sitting here for months without being thoroughly cleaned, Rae seemed to be impressed with me nonetheless. She had nothing but kind words to say. I'm always a bit nervous when meeting new people, but Rae seemed relaxed and comfortable around me. I even got a hug before she left, and that was AWESOME!!! I haven't seen anyone but Gary since last winter, and having a visitor was REALLY nice. Come back anytime, Rae. You're always welcome here at the Green Acres Garage.

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