Saturday, August 6, 2016

I Think I See A Problem Here

There's less than two months left until we hit the highway for our first camping trip. I'm getting more excited every day. What I'm not excited about is all of this stuff in my garage that has almost completely blocked my path of my one and only way out of here. It's downright scary! At the moment, there's not even a way to get Helen the Husqvarna out of here to mow the lawn. Gary is constantly on the hunt for items to stock our two booths with at the antique mall. Yes, I said TWO booths. We started with one small booth, then moved to a larger one, and now we have one of each. At first, he was buying only small things, but now that we've branched out, he's buying anything and everything. He's going to yard sales, estate sales, and auctions too. If something is a great deal, he's all over it. I applaud the effort he's putting into this to be successful, but I never expected things to get this far out of hand. My buddy "Dodge" used to take up the space between myself and the garage door. Nowadays, he's spending his time under the new carport behind the garage. Speaking of the carport, it's not immune to clutter either. There are many larger items out there that won't fit in the garage. Yikes! Somehow, all of this stuff has to be out of here by the beginning of October, or I won't be going anywhere. As CFO of Toaster Enterprises, I may have to cut off Gary's buying allowance to end this spending frenzy. There's definitely enough stuff here to keep us in business for months to come. We will see what happens, but I am truly getting worried. I'm going to be a grumpy little Toaster if I can't go camping, and a grumpy Toaster is NEVER a good thing.

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