Sunday, October 9, 2016

A.H. Stephens State Park, Crawfordville Georgia

We had a GREAT time as we always do at General Coffee State Park, but all great things have to come to an end. No worries though. General Coffee was only the first stop on our first round of camping. There's a long way to go. We headed roughly 170 miles further north to a park we have never been to before. It's called A.H. Stephens State Park. It's in the tiny town of Crawfordville Georgia. Just for reference, Athens is north of here, Augusta is east, and Atlanta is further west. This is another Civilian Conservation Corps park, built way back in the 1930's. It is named after Alexander Hamilton Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederate States Of America, and a former Georgia governor. It's a nice little park for sure. The white building with the lake in front of it is the park office. We checked in there, and was greeted by the Aflac duck. He was looking for food. I don't think he's really the Aflac duck, but Gary calls every white duck we see by that name. I just go along with whatever he says. He's the boss, well some of the time anyway. We rolled through the campground and picked out campsite #23. It's away from most of the others, and although the bathroom is a bit of a hike for Gary, it's more private. We enjoy our privacy. This is a GREAT campsite. It's hard packed stone of some kind with gravel on top. Very sturdy! Right in the middle of the campground is a 60 foot observation tower that was built by the CCC. It's currently undergoing some renovations. Not sure if it was ever open to the public, but I'm sure you humans would enjoy the view from up there. Personally, this boy would rather stay on the ground. The restroom in our campground is old, but Gary says it's clean and fully functional. After I got set up in our campsite, Gary and Dodge went out sightseeing to check out the rest of the park. They have four nice looking cabins here that have Federal Lake behind them. Just down from the cabins, there's a full campground for equestrian folks. The campground isn't as nice as the one we are in, but they have a much newer and nicer restroom. They also have a brand new set of stalls for their horses. Nice! There's also a 12 mile equestrian trail here. Gary walked the human trail this morning. It's only about a mile long. It winds through the woods, and eventually ends up at Lake Buncombe, the second lake within the park. Lake Buncombe is more picturesque than Federal Lake. You can tell that fall is here. The leaves on a lot of the trees here are changing color. By the end of the month, I'll bet that we'll see some really pretty colors. We're looking forward to that during our upcoming trips. We don't get to see that kind of thing in Florida. This is already day #6 away from home. It goes by so fast, but there's still a few stops left on this trip before we head back to St. Augustine. Tomorrow we head to Fort Mountain State Park. It's way up in northern Georgia, fairly close to the Tennessee border. We've never been there before either, so we're hoping it's as pretty as it looks online. I'll be checking in from there. See ya!

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